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Supports power certification procedures and PQP auditing on a regular basis


  • Measuring and logging of basic power quality parameters (PQP) according to IEC 61000-4-30, EN50160.
  • Measuring of electric parameters in power networks.

Scope of application:

  • Electric power certification and regular PQP monitoring;
  • Electric power auditing;
  • Measuring of secondary circuit parameters in Automatic Meter Reading Systems;
  • Inspection of electric energy meters and current transformers
Designed to measure and log electrical signals and power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30 (class A).



  • Frequency deviation
  • AC frequency


  • Steady-state voltage deviation (underdeviation and overdeviation)
  • Negative sequence and zero sequence voltage components
  • Harmonic composition - THD and nth harmonic ratios up to 50
  • Portable test system for on-site or in-lab automated testing the electric power meters.


    The MTS ME 3.3 is applicable for conducting automated on-site or lab testing of measuring equipment used in power industry, including:

  • single- or three-phase wattmeters, varmetes, phase-angle and frequency meters;
  • single- or three-phase transformer-type meters of electric energy (Class 0.5S or less accurate);
  • voltmeters and ammeters.
  • Portable reference standard, power quality analyzer, data logger, comparator and oscillograph.


    As the title suggests, the EM-3.3T1 serves as a multifunctional tool and provides:

    • measurement and logging of basic power quality parameters (PQP), as defined by IEC 61000-4-30 and EN50160;
    • measurement and logging of basic network parameters in single- and three-phase circuits, including:
    • RMS of voltages and currents, no matter what their waveforms may be (sinusoidal or not);
    • active, reactive and apparent electric power;
    • in-situ testing of single- or three-phase meters of active or reactive electric power;
    • control of meters accuracy characteristics (correctness of their connection as well), without breaking into current circuits;
    Precision model of Energomonitor family. Meant for adjustment or accuracy tests of reference-class or service-class instruments.

    Energomonitor 3.1 K is a multifunctional reference standard designed for testing / adjustment of most precise reference / working standards and measuring instruments (electrical values and power quality parameters).

    Suitable for testing of:

    • Reference active, reactive and apparent power and energy meters (single- and three-phase);
    • Single- or three-phase wattmeters, varmeters, as well as instrument-class converters of active or reactive electric power;
    • Phase-meters, frequency-meters, and PF-meters;
    • Instruments for AC voltage, current, ac┬Čtive and reactive power measurements working within commercial range of frequencies;
    • PQP Analyzers (single- and three-phase);
    • Energy meters.